What is TFP

The terms TFP and TFCD is common used among models and photographers. TFP means "Time for Print", while TFCD means "Time For CD".

The idea behind TFP, is to take pictures without any economic interests, while both parts are participating to learn something, and get good pictures out of it. The opposite of TFP is paying for a Professional photographer or model, and then it can't be TFP. It may not cost anything for both model and photographer, and both are participating with their skills and learns from each other.

Who get the most out of TFP? The idea with TFP is that both the model and the photographer get new ideas and skills, along with some hopefully good pictures. The get the most out of it, it will be a good idea to meet for more than one photo session. The first session might act at a test session, to test if the model and photographer can work well together.

It's a good ida to communicate about ideas and visions before meeting at the photo session. In this way the photographer can get ideas for photos which fits the theme And the model may think about which close and makeup is to be used.


The expectations from the model and photographer should match together. It will be impossible to shoot all the wanted pictures wished on one single photo session. And both model and photographer should understand, that the other part isn't a professional, and is only doing it for a hobby, or to learn to be a pro.

If you are photographed by a good photographer it doesn't mean that he has connections to the fashion industry. Actually it's only very few of them who has. It's common to use photographers shooting TFP to practice your self, and build up a solid portfolio of good pictures, which you can use for further reference.


Do have in mind, not to meet with alone with a photographer you doesn't know. So it will always be a good idea to bring a friend to the shoot. If the photographer doesn't respect this, its not a serious photographer. Remember to fill out a model contract, which specifies what the pictures might be used for etc. If you are under 18 years, the contract should be signed by one of your parents.

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